What is the future of the drone industry?

Drones seem to have "taken off" (pun intended) in the past year or so. It seems to be the go-to gift for the holidays based on the fact that I always seem to see a plethora of drones in the sky after a major holiday (most of which are doing something illegal or unappealing to the reputation of the drone community). The behavior exhibited by new drone owners can lead to increased regulations and a lot of angry people who already are weary of drones. With an increase in drone owners, comes an increase in potential competitors. I am a licensed FAA Remote Pilot that has passed the Part 107 exam, accompanied by years of photography and videography experience makes me stand out from the rest of the crowd. Although your local neighbor may own a drone and has made videos before, does not take away from the experience factor. You must know how to make a cinema worthy video while flying legally and safely. That brings me to an old saying of "you get what you pay for."

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