Do I need to be licensed to fly a drone? Insured?

Yes and no. You do have to be licensed if:

  1. You are flying for commercial purposes (aka anything involving using a drone and getting paid).

  2. You will usually need at least $1 million insurance policy to fly commercially in order to protect yourself

You do not have to be licensed only if:

  1. You fly solely for hobby or recreation.

  2. You do not need insurance, but it is highly recommended!

Personally, I am a licensed and insured FAA Remote Pilot for sUAV. I took, and passed, the FAA Part 107 exam to obtain my Drone pilots license. I carry a 2.5 million dollar umbrella policy with additional benefits.

When hiring an aerial photographer or videographer you must be sure they are licensed and insured. If an accident occurs causing damage or injury, the liability could be on the homeowner, venue, or real estate agent and broker.

Check out the many benefits to joining the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

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