What can/can't you do with you new drone...

These are the basic laws of the land...I mean sky. The FAA is constantly putting out new rules and regulations regarding drones or unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs). The final rule that passed earlier this year is called Part 107 - Airman Knowledge exam. This is only for those 16 years of age or older looking to use your drone for commercial purposes. In other words, if you are going to be getting paid for anything related to flying your drone YOU WILL NEED TO PASS THIS TEST AND GET A REMOTE PILOT LICENSE! If you plan on flying solely for recreation, here are some basic rules you need to know!

~ Do not fly your drone higher than 400 feet! Be aware that helicopters are allowed to fly at 300 feet, so I would recommend sticking to 300!

~ Do not use your drone to violate privacy laws.

~ Do not interfere with any manned aircraft!

~ Do not fly near any airport or any low flying planes.

~ Always conduct a pre-flight checklist.

~ Ensure you are only flying over people involved in your operation.

~ Know your local laws and be cognizant of the noise pollution you are creating in addition to anything else that may be bothersome to others.

~ Check out the Academy of Model Aeronautics for some good info!

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