You just got a Drone for Christmas! Great. Know what you need to do.

So, you just got the best Christmas gift ever! A drone. Like most kids, or adults, we take it out of the box, charge the batteries and start flying. DO NOT DO THIS! If you got a nano-drone or mini-drone that only flies indoors, that is ok. Go annoy your brother or sister with it. If you got a serious drone as a present, aka a DJI Mavic, DJI Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Pro, or any other drone that is capable of doing some real flying STOP. Educate yourself on the rules that the FAA has put out regarding Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAVs) or Drones. Review the rules and regulations in addition to your local laws regarding drones. There are no-drone zones around major airports, event stadiums, temporary flight restrictions are issued for numerous reasons. Bottom line is that there are plenty of things that can get you in a boat-load of trouble! Ignorance of the law does not hold up in court. You don't want the FAA knocking on your door. I would also recommend that you refrain from using drones the way they did in this video.

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