2 reasons why people crash their drones!

Crashing on the First Flight

New drone pilots often crash before their drone fully lifts off into the air. Give yourself adequate time to train alongside someone experienced in flying drones before setting off on your own. A lessoned learned in the below crash video. This DJI Inspire drone suffers only minor damages, but a nearby neighbor’s garage door was hit with quite a big dent. The house happened to be up for sale, and the novice drone owner was forced to pay a hefty fee for repairs.

May the Drone Kiss the Bride

The most common cause for drone crashes is human error. In this wedding day drone fail, an amateur photographer uses a small camera drone to take pictures and videos of the bride and groom. Instead of flying slow and smooth to maintain control and precision during turns and angles, the pilot flies aggressively and loses control, crashing the quadcopter into the newlyweds at full speed. The catastrophe ruined the wedding day and remaining pictures, leaving the couple with facial bruises and cuts . Lack of proper drone training and drone certification are possible contributing factors on this crash.

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