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My Story

Long before I became recognized for my work in the travel photography industry, I had a vision in mind. I desired to take stunning photographs, capturing emotions as much as interactions. My inspiration comes from real locations, people, and places that I have been so lucky to see in my lifetime. I’m thrilled to share every photo and every journey I embark on with you. Want to know more? Contact me.


FAA Licensed & Insured Remote Pilot

My fascination with flight just so happened to coincide with the boom in the Drone industry. After some time flying solely for recreation, I began to recognize the countless areas that would see tremendous value in utilizing this technology. This motivated me to take the FAA's Part 107 exam and become a Licensed Remote Pilot.

Whether it be real estate aerial photography, aerial wedding video and photography, surveying, inspection, corporate functions, business marketing/promotions, birthday parties, and more, I focus on the clients wishes, as long as it is compliant with the FAA's rules & regulations.

Interested in hiring a Aerial Photographer? Get in touch and let’s discuss what I can do for you.

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